Flip Updates

I don't mean to leave you guys hanging with flips- I post a reveal and then say nothing else for weeks?  Not fair. Dori-after-kitchen-4

Well, Dori's still up for grabs.  The super hot summer market seemed to drop out the second we listed this flip.  Sad trombone.  While we're certainly antsy, we're still confident she'll sell for a decent price as soon as the right people see it.  Waiting isn't our strong suit, though.  Luckily we've moved on to other real estate distractions.

We're buying a condo!  Not to live in, but to rent out!  I'm taking off my "Nicole Curtis" hat and putting on my "Scott McGillivray" hat temporarily.  Rentals has been one of our goals since starting flipping and it was finally time.  I'm not going to go into toooo much detail since we won't officially own anything until the end of the month, but I see another kitchen renovation in my very near future.  Gotta make this tiny, gloriously '80s, laminate kitchen shine so that every renter ever will want to live here.

condo kitchen before1

condo kitchen before2

If you've ever watched HGTV's Income Property you know the caliber of the property will dictate the caliber of the tenant- and we want a good tenant!  I'm probably going to go pretty basic in here- white cabinets to the ceiling, subway tile (because I already have a stock of them and they'll look bright and nice), and granite countertops.  Granite vs. laminate was already a debate, but for such a tiny kitchen, the cost difference is so insignificant and granite will be longer lasting.  We're hoping that once we take ownership I can get my contractors in to bang this kitchen out so we can get it rented out for the beginning of the year- Fingers crossed!!

Until then, I'll be busy frolicking in this unseasonably warm weather we've been having this week.  Have a wonderful weekend!!!