Brass Tray Chalk Sign + Giveaway!!


Spring into Creativity DIY and giveaway WIth my sister-in-law's wedding less than a week away and yours truly in charge of some decor items, I've got a DIY fire under my butt.  I don't know about you, but with me, one idea always snowballs into 7 or 8 ideas and now I need to see what I can get set in time!  One super duper easy DIY for the wedding was a brass tray chalkboard.

Brass chalkboard tray sign

I saw this little brass tray at the thrift store several months ago and it instantly screamed chalkboard sign.  Because things scream at me at the thrift store.  It happens.  Don't judge.

Thrifted brass tray to DIY

Aside from the under $2 tray, I had all the remaining supplies already.

First was polishing up the edges with steel wool and Brasso.  Since the middle was going to be covered with chalkboard paint, I didn't bother polishing there.

Thrifted brass tray polishing

Next, I taped off the newly polished lip with Frog Tape and brought out the chalkboard spray paint.  I made sure to seal down the edges with my finger repeatedly before spraying to prevent paint bleed.

Brass tray taped off for paint

After waiting a few hours for the paint to really cure, out came the chalk!  The texture was a little challenging to get a straight line- I think I need to practice a bit more before the wedding, but how cute it this?

Brass chalkboard tray sign

Brass chalkboard tray sign

At the wedding, I'm thinking this little sign will be a great place for a wedding hashtag.  #aintnopartylikeagoodmanweddingparty (ok, maybe something a bit shorter)

With my spring DIY mojo finally back, I'm partnering up with four other bloggers today to share the DIY love, inspiration, and maybe give you a jumpstart on your own projects!  One lucky reader is going to win a 100 Michaels gift card AND a year subscription to Do It Yourself Magazine!  Pop over to the other awesome ladies blogs to check out their DIY goodness!

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