Crash! Personality Infused Vintage Home

antique home living room vignette Several months back, while perusing the Being Boss facebook group, I realized that there were several "bosses" (as we call ourselves in the group) here in my little Boston suburb.  2 of those bosses are Karen and Zandra of Little Yellow Couch and the podcast Style Matters.  Considering their podcast is all about making your home personal and stylish, I knew they'd be a perfect fit for a Crash! home tour!  Karen's in the midst of a renovation currently, but Zandra welcomed my camera and me into her home with open arms!!  Zandra lives in her 100+ year old home with her husband and 2 sons and has created such a charming home infused with personal touches.

Without wanting to jump into a complete gut kitchen reno just yet, Zandra's infused life back into this dated kitchen in creative ways.

creative kitchen updates

The velvet chair below was chatted about in their recent podcast interview with Mary Randolph Carter.  She snatched this adorable caned chair up for just $30 with no plan for where it would go.  It's found it's way into the kitchen seating area and feels like it's meant to be there all along- happy design accidents!

Creative kitchen seating area

The vignette in the dining room is one of many wonderful design 'moments' in the house.  The sweet painting was created custom from a photograph of her boys at a beach that their family has been going to for generations.

dining room vignette- mcm with personal touches

While I snapped pics around the house, Zandra (left) and Karen (right) tried to stay out of the way of the lens, but I just couldn't help grab this candid shot framed by the architecture of the home.

antique home architecture candid

embroidered bird close-up

personality infused living room

My favorite part of any home is the stories and Zandra has some great ones!  The biscuit themed items in the living room are no random antique store decor- her family once owned Huston's Biscuit which was eventually bought out by Nation Biscuit Company... better known now as Nabisco.

huston's biscuit accessories with a story

The home is filled with original art from their travels, vintage pieces, and DIY items.  Check out their blog for a DIY of those fantastic mod pillows.

personality infused master bedroom with little yellow couch

This is also the room where their company name-sake lives: the little yellow couch.  Don't you just want to curl up on it?

personality infused master bedroom with little yellow couch

personality infused guest bedroom

In the guestroom, Zandra displays a swoon-worthy collection of paint by numbers.  Individually, these paintings aren't head-turners, but that instantly changes when they're surrounded by friends.  I'm such a sucker for paint by number gallery walls!

paint by numbers gallery wall

personality infused living room with little yellow couch

Thank you, Zandra so much for letting me share your wonderful home!!!  Be sure to check out the Little Yellow Couch Style Matters podcast for even more design inspiration!!