Big Girl Blog

Hopefully there will be some BIG changes in the next few months here on A Year of Strategic Serendipity.  This blog is growing up and is going to graduate from

I just purchased the domain and hosting for!

It'll take me a bit to get everything transferred from here and get it to be New, Improved, & Perfect before it goes live, but I'm so excited!!!


I'm not going to lie- I'm a little overwhelmed with where to go from here: blog, career, house projects and life in general.  As I've mentioned before, I'm solar powered, so the nice weather makes me want to get out there and DO.  I'm just not sure what to DO first.  I think before I take on more projects, I need to finish those already in the pipeline: bedroom curtains, veggie garden... (and make sure to take enough pictures to show you along the way)

Before I over think everything, I just need to slow down and stop to smell the roses peonies.

Garden Peonies in Vintage Mason Jar