Weekend Treasure Hunting

Monday mornings always come too fast.  Today, Monday decided to start off the week taunting me.  I left the house this morning with everything for my lunch but the bread for my sandwich.. ugh.  Of course I realized on the walk to the train when it was too late to turn around. Only a few minutes later, I realized that my ipod was still sitting in its dock in the dining room.  Poo.  Silent train ride.  Now I'm tethered to the computer by my headphones.  I'll get over it somehow.


This weekend was a fun one for my tag-sale habit.  $28 spent.  I actually started on Friday after work strangely enough.

I'm a little crazy and plan out what tag-sales I want to visit the night before.  I scour through Craigslist ads and write down addresses, times, and what interested me about that sale (i.e. "lots of furniture," "estate sale," or the specific item I'm interested in).

You can imagine my excitement when I saw an ad titled "Interior Decorator with Vintage store is moving" advertising a fire pit among many other things.  I promptly e-mail asking details of the fire pit, because as mentioned last week, I want a chimenea/fire pit.  Once I got the e-mail reply, her name sounded SO familiar.  Naturally, I googled her and realized she was featured just a few weeks ago on Design*Sponge!  OMG.  I took her up on her offer of stopping by Friday night to check out the fire pit before the tag sale vultures stole it out from under me.  I ended up purchasing the fire pit and a book about textiles for $25 total, but I had such a great time chatting with her!  I picked her brain about her favorite vintage sources (since she has a vintage store on Etsy: Trampoline), and I can't wait to check them out!  Such a great start to the weekend!

Saturday's tag sale fun was a bit more drawn out, but I still got a deal that made the trip worth it.  I get a little frustrated at ads that claim "HUGE tag sale" then have one table of crap.  I have also decided that people need to be beaten for claiming their sale is an Estate sale when it clearly isn't.

Enough bitter ranting.  One of my stops was an ACTUAL estate sale that made me giddy.  I only spent $3 but it was so cool to look at!  The home's former occupant was clearly into fixing lamps.  There were probably hundreds all around the house, garage and shed, all in various forms of repair and disrepair.  Color me fascinated!  Thinking back, I should have taken some pics to share, but I was so wrapped up in treasure hunting, it didn't even occur to me at the time.

I found my treasures in a back room attached to the garage that was obviously where the magic happened: the workroom.  Sitting innocently on the window sill was a dusty blue glass Bell mason jar, which a friend is hoping to use to decorate her wedding in April, so that got snatched up.  On the adjacent wall was the workbench piled up with dust, wire, parts, and misc junk.  The top shelf beckoned to me- looking over all the junk was a very old paper sorter with wire baskets.  I'm sure everyone else in the room thought I was nuts (so does Hubby), but it spoke to me and needed to be taken home.  It is missing 1 support wire, but that will quickly be remedied.

When I asked about pricing for the 2 items and was told $3 I was beyond excited.  I was expecting much more- I was so taken aback, I didn't even haggle!  The guy was probably thinking "wow, we can get $3 for that junk?" and I was thinking "wow, do they not know what they have?"  Win, Win for all!

It will eventually find its home in the office, which (when done) will be a perfect marriage of traditional and industrial.  I can't wait!