Nuptial Nostalgia: Stationary

This is the last in the Nuptial Nostalgia series (for now).  If you missed the others, check them out here and here.


I like to think that I'm a Jack Jane of all trades when it comes to design.  I may not have skills perfected (at all), but I like to dabble in everything.  When it comes to weddings, a few dormant sides of my personality get awakened.

First of all, there's the stylist/event planner.  I always forget about her, but she popped back up while with a friend on her first trip to try on wedding dresses.  I felt like I was one of the consultants on Say Yes to the Dress- "try this one, I know you wouldn't have grabbed it, but trust me." (p.s. I was mostly right)

Another side of my personality that resurfaces with weddings is the graphic/stationary designer.  It all started with my sister's wedding in '07 when I designed her invites.  Then, I may have gone a little stationary crazy for my own wedding on '09 (don't you say a word B!).  Despite my craziness, I am still SO proud of what I created for my old Hollywood/Theater themed wedding that I'm excited to share with you!

Save the Date Tickets:

Ticket Save the Date


Yeah, I know.  I'm not the photographer in the family.  I can barely figure out this camera most days.

Playbill Wedding Programs:

I don't think I would change a single thing about any of my creations, especially the Playbill.  I modeled it after an actual Playbill and I think I was able to make one that fit our personalities and wedding perfectly!  I was beyond thrilled with everything about them from my custom silhouette front to the 'cast' bios and the history of our wedding site (not shown).

AND in lieu of a favor, with their thank you notes, the guests received this CD of the live swing band at our wedding.  I tell myself at least a few of them actually listened to it at least once (hopefully).

What did I ever do before Photoshop and InDesign?!

If you want more info on how I created something specific, just ask.