Behind the Objects: Getting Catty


In my last post, I tried to hammer home the concept of personalizing your space.  But what does that really mean? In the land of design blogs, we talk a lot about things.  Furniture, art, accessories... material objects.  What really makes a home's design special to the occupant, however, is the meaning behind the objects.

In this new series, I'll be taking the time to celebrate the personal significance of the things I surround myself with.  The stories of my home.

Without further ado (and in no particular order whatsoever)....

Object #1: Brass Cat

My parents came across this cat about a year ago while cleaning out my great aunt's house.  She was, to put it nicely, a collector.  It needed a serious scrub, but what an outcome!  Maybe it's because I dabble in being a crazy cat lady, I love this little guy.  So regal.

I still haven't found the right spot for him yet (I really need to style some vignettes around this house), so currently he guards over our computers from his perch on the bookshelf.  I'm not sure of his age (certainly not new) or origins, but he feels like he has a story to tell.  Maybe it's a story of my great aunt.