Soaring Solo in NYC

A vibrant 25 year old aspiring actress in NYC should have a vibrant exuberant home, don't you think?   That's why, when my wonderful sister-in-law, Lily, moved into her first solo apartment a few weeks ago, I offered to design it. Sorry, only "Before" pictures to share today.  I'm just getting started on plans now, but I can already see how amazing the space is going to be.  I'll be visiting her in 3 weeks, so the design countdown begins and I need to start pulling the first room together (AK, only 3 weeks to pull together a design!)

Our first design target: the living room.

Since this is her first place sans roommates, we're starting with a near blank slate.  I mean really blank- all she's done is unpack, so the apartment is just waiting for my vision.  She has very little usable furniture and a modest budget to work with.  I couldn't ask for a better client, though.  She's not afraid of color, pattern, or having fun with design.  Sounds like the recipe for a good time to me!

We'll be reusing and revamping what we can and looking for bargains and creative solutions for the rest.  (This isn't going to be ANY fun for me at all... ok, maybe a little)

My plan is classic chic with a glam twist and pops of color.  Can't you just see it already??  I totally can, and I can't wait for it to materialize.  We've got a few DIYs planned too, so I'll definitely have some fun projects to share in the near future.