Argyle Baby


I wanted to share this with you weeks ago, but Mom asked me to wait until she gave them to my sister.  Even though my sister saw the plans and fabric, she hadn't seen the finished product until her shower this past weekend. So, without further adieu...

Look at what Mom made for my nephew!

There's a 'mommy-sized' one and a 'baby-sized' one (with the diamonds scaled accordingly of course).  How cute are they?!?!  It's even more fitting since my brother-in-law LOVES argyle.  It only makes sense that we've adopted that as an unofficial inspiration for the nursery.  It's gonna rock!!

This kid is going to have an awesome Nana, don't you think?

Check out the design for his room as it develops on my pinterest board: Future Nephews Room.

I'm willing the universe to give me a nephew for my birthday.  I was born on my grandma's 60th birthday and I thought it was always such a cool connection.  My sister is due 2 days after my birthday, so I've been telling her stomach that April 30th is a GREAT day to be born- and it runs in the family.  I hope he listens, he would be an awesome 88th birthday gift for Grandma!