Evolving in a Week

When last we saw the "guest room," Mom had taken up residence to be near her new job while awaiting the closing of their new house.

Well, I am pleased to say my parents are now officially residents of Massachusetts and, as of last week, our extra bedroom was back to being a blank slate.

empty room

I'm beyond embarrassed to admit, this is how this room has sat for the past 2 years (there was a large purple chair and a half in here prior to Mom's stay, but it went to a better home with a friend).  I know this may come as a HUGE shock, but zero design went into this space.  Not an ounce.  Not even a drop of paint.

empty room

The challenge of this room is it's variety of functions:

...and all this needs to work in around 100sf of space.  Recently, a lighbulb went off and I finally knew exactly what to do in the space and over the weekend, I got to work.

I flipped the way we previously used the space and somehow, with adding storage, made the room feel much larger.  (The following pics are in progress and there was no styling involved.)

office progress 1

office progress 2

I still have a good deal of finishing to do for it to feel complete (mounting the tv on the wall, fixing the secretary desk, accessorizing/styling...)

office progress 3

This is the first time since living here that this room has felt like part of this house and not just the forgotten space.  It makes me happy.  Very Happy.  I can't wait to really polish it up and let it shine!

(5 points to anyone who finds Charlie, the orange cat, in the progress pictures!  It's like a furry Where's Waldo)