Sitting Pretty

As I mentioned yesterday, my latest craiglist find is a HUGE hit with my furry friends.  Normally they are rather uncooperative models, refusing to smize for the camera, but I think I'll have trouble getting any pictures of this sofa without at least one of them on it. craiglist settee

Meet my new settee/apparent cat bed.

Now that my parents once again have a home of their own, our guestroom emptied out and I can begin to transform it into my office/den.  This room houses our second tv and I needed (wanted) a small scale piece of furniture for lounging on when Hubby takes over the living room tv to watch the Celtics (or whatever the current sports season is).  Being the picky designer that I am, I wanted something with style, in good condition, and dirt cheap.  Check, check, and check.  Did I mention dirt cheap?  You can't do much better than $30 (plus a little sucking up to Hubby to get him to help me pick it up in the rain)

I knew from first sight, that skirt had to go to modernize it. Well, that skirt came off faster than a cheerleader's on prom night.

settee skirt

Lucky for me, the legs underneath were in awesome condition too.

settee leg

I plan to take a steamer and try and uncrush some of the matted velvet, but, wow, what a difference stripping the skirt makes!

kitten settee

That totally took it from dated to timeless.  AND it fits perfectly in the room!  I love free updates and cheap furniture, don't you?