Yet Another Living Room Post

I'm not obsessing about what to do in the living room.  No, I would NEVER do that.  It's just not how I work. Are you buying that?  Any of it?

Yeah, me neither.

I know, I know, this is becoming a common topic for posts.  Obsessions'll do that to ya.

Here's where the obsession room currently stands (sans the solid pillows which I sold at my parent's tag sale last weekend).

Hubby and I had an awesome discussion on the scenic drive home from a friend's wedding in upstate New York on Saturday about the state of this room.  We both agree that we need to focus on one space at a time so that we don't get overwhelmed (too late).  Logically, the living room is the place to start.  It's the first room you see when you come in the house and its the room we spend the most waking hours in.  We also agree that it's the room that just isn't working for one reason or another.  Unfortunately, another thing that we agree on is the fact that we shouldn't be spending a lot of money on new furniture right now, so my dreams of a new couch will need to be put on hold.  A girl can still dream though, right?


Isn't she sweet?  She's from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (which is located 5 minutes from the house.  Coincidence? I think not).  But she'll have to wait.

Hubby and I plan to "shop" our house first to see if we can spice it up with minimal $$.  We plan to try our vintage red chair (which has been hanging out in the office/computer room and I don't seem to have any real pictures of) in place of the matchy chair and see how the scale works.  With a smaller chair in that spot, it might open up that corner a little bit- which is currently a dead area.  I'm torn about this corner.  To bookcase or not no bookcase?  I keep waffling.  As of this current moment, I'm leaning toward no... but then I need to find a different end table for that space.

This weekend may be an action weekend to make something happen in this room.  I'll keep you posted!!

What rooms have you been obsessing dreaming about revamping?