At long last, our small shed has become an organizational masterpiece.  Ok, so I may be exaggerating a TOUCH... but it's looking good.

Here was it's pseudo-starting point (I say pseudo because the shed got worse in the time span between these pictures and finally starting the organizational process... oops):

The shed only had 2 steps worth of clear floor space.  Totally functional, right?  Well, that's why I fixed it.

My organizational tools for this project were:

  • Peg board and pegs (CAUTION: these are located in separate sections of your friendly local hardware warehouse store.  Peg board can be found with the decorative moulding, and the pegs hang out in the section with the closet organizers.)
  • Rake/shovel holder
  • Wooden shelf and brackets from my childhood bedroom.

You got a sneak peak of the peg board here, but it's about time to check out the full outcome.

I decided not to repaint the shelves and left them the original purple of my childhood bedroom.  The 2 shelves were once upon a time a single shelf that spanned the length of my bedroom about a foot and a half from the ceiling and was home to my stuffed animal collection.  I was cool like that.

After suffering through the abuse of a child/teenager's room, then getting chopped in half and transported to Massachusetts, the shelves were a little worse for wear.  Sandpaper to the rescue!  I roughed up the edges a bit and made the scratches blend in.

Well, what do you think?