Who Brought the Cool Kid?

Before I get to today's post, let me just say- I'm writing this on my new lappy!  Last time I got a new computer was 6 years ago, so this is kinda super duper exciting for me.  And it came a day early!  Hooray!!! Ok, I'm done with that happy dance and I'll move on to another.  My future nephew's nursery furniture is D O N E!!!!  I delivered it to his room over the weekend and the parents-to-be couldn't be more happy (or so they tell me, although I doubt they'd tell me if they didn't like- that would be awkward- but I hope think they really are pleased).

If you're new here, or just have a bad memory- I had purchased 2 midcentury pieces that were in rough shape for $15 each to refinish so that my nephew will be the coolest newborn in the history of ever.

Dresser Before:

...and the dresser NOW:

and check out the side view:

Sexy, no?  Perfect to grow with a little boy!

The dresser wasn't alone, though.  It had a matching cabinet.  that started out looking like this:

Honestly, the closer you got to the original pieces, the worse they looked.  It was bad.  With MUCH MUCH sanding, I whipped them into shape and here's what the cabinet looks like today:

The original knobs didn't all match and that wasn't kosher, so I had to fix it.  4 of the knobs were kinda cool, but I couldn't find their companions.  I ended up finding 11 matching vintage knobs on ebay for $20 and I like them better than the original.  I'm sooo please with the result on these.  Of course they ended up being much more labor intensive than I planned (because everything ends up being more work than planned, because I suck at time planning) but I'd do it again- maybe for my next niece or nephew.  Now that the room has all it's furniture, it's time to get to the details (i.e. the fun part!!).

So to answer the question in the title of this post- Who brought the cool kid?  My sister did, obviously.