Circle Garland Revisited

For my sister's baby shower this weekend, I have a few projects up my sleeve.  The shower is going to be at our parents' house, already making it rather intimate.  The house is not a big one, so the 25 people attending will totally fill it up- meaning that not a lot of decoration is required to make it feel personal.  Good.  After B's bridal shower, I didn't have the energy for another big set of projects. The main projects are garlands to decorate the fire place mantle and above the food table.  Naturally I decided to revisit the circle garland that I blogged about here.  I tried a different approach and managed to make an easy project even easier!!

Thank you, Bernette!

Bernette is my trusty sewing machine.  All I had to do was to feed my punched circles into the machine one after another and in 15 minutes flat, I had all the circle garland that I needed!  It had a slightly different look (with the spacing) than my first go at the garland, but I really like both, and they're amazingly simple.

The next garland challenge was to try and create some ruffle streamers following this tutorial.  Check!

Menu Board (made with roadside found frame): in progress

Picture holders: in progress (we asked all the guest's to bring a baby picture so we can have fun guessing)

I know it looks a bit random right now, but just you wait.  I totally see it in my head, and its fabulous!

I do have fun doing stuff for showers, but boy will I be glad when it's over and I can relax for an evening. Maybe I'll even work out a bit.  Maybe.