I have trained my young grasshopper well. Yesterday, on his half-mile walk to the commuter rail station, Hubby called to tell me about a dresser at the curb. sidewalk-dresser

I can't be held responsible for this latest bout of furniture hoarding- I blame this one all on Hubby.

All the drawers are there, I just got a little excited and loaded the first drawer in the jeep before I snapped the pic. It will probably be destined to be fixed up and sold, but I just had to rescue it from the curb. It should be a crime to toss aside awesome midcentury pieces like that. It does have a touch of water damage from being out in the rain for a day or so, but nothing some sandpaper and wood glue couldn't fix.

In other news, I heart tile. Well, I don't heart tiling- it's exhausting, but the instant gratification of results can't be beat.


I still have a few more rows to complete on the sink wall (I ran out of daylight for my wet saw) but I (humbly) think its soooo pretty so far! Definitely the right move. What do you think?

The rest of the week will be a needed break from the kitchen and DIY as Hubby and I hit the road for a few days. Sight seeing and treasure hunting in new places is always a good time.