What a Week

and its only Thursday! I forgot how exhausting it is to uproot.  Forget routine and where you expect to find things.  Naturally  nothing has a place yet (and naturally its already driving me bonkers).

Hubby is finally back to work after 3 days home sick.  I'm hopefully reaching the end of my cold and cough.  We've begun the cat intros and as expected, Alpha-Daisy does not like our new Charlie in her space yet.  Much to my pleasure, however when Charlie is locked in his room, Daisy is back to her sassy self from before the move.

Yesterday we received a half-dozen packages and there are a few more on the way.  New kitchen faucet, a piece to replace a broken one in the fridge, a cat door for the basement door, pantry cabinets for the basement, and lia sophia catalogs for my part time business (add sending catalogs to upcoming hostesses to my large To Do list).  I finally gave in and ordered matching hangers for our newly organized closet and can't wait until they arrive!

This weekend will be a big exciting transformation for the kitchen!  Saturday the dishwasher gets revealed from its large box (sitting next to the fridge as we speak) and it will be installed along with a countertop and backsplash extension. The current backsplash will also receive some aesthetic repairs and the new sexy faucet (yes, I called a faucet sexy) will be installed.  You should know me well enough by now to realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my To Do list.

Lets hope I don't burn myself out by the end of the weekend- I have a whole house to make Home!