And so it begins...

Let me tell you: moving just after a blizzard while you have a cold and hacking cough is certainly an adventure.  I've realized though, coughing is quite a good ab workout!  Saturday was the Big Move and naturally the height of my sickness.  Yesterday was a recovery day, day for everything to sink in, and a day to get a second kitty.  His name is Charlie and even HE has a cold right now.  Hubby caught whatever I have, so he took a sick day today.  We're quite a bunch- 2 sick people, 1 snively cat, and 1 cat who's cranky we made her move and is hiding under the bed (although as I type, she ventured in here just to prove me wrong). I've decided to tackle house projects and decorating like I imagine one would eat an elephant: one bite at a time.  Today, I started small with the one and only bathroom.   After taking a shower, I could tell what the bathroom needed so off I went.  We did no painting in here- the color is a burnt orange with matches perfectly with our existing shower curtain.  It has been redone recently, so needs no major work, just organization to make it work for us.

The toilet paper dispenser got relocated from behind the door (below the towel hooks, and I could just see the wet towels causing soggy toilet paper...yum).  I removed a hand towel ring where the toilet paper now is, so I purchased a new countertop one.  The interior of the vanity got a hidden trash can and a hook to hide a washcloth.

I was super pleased to find these baskets (actually trash cans) to fit into the awkward triangular-shaped shelves.  Now if I organize their contents I'll be all set. This evenings goal is to organize the bottles and gels and such in the bathroom, then on to the closet!  Onwards and upwards!