Weekend Happenings

I hope you had an amazing and productive weekend.  I know I did.

I obviously made a decision finally on what to do in my dining room!

I have 48 feet of this:

being delivered hopefully today (from here).

Its. going. to. be. amazing.


I finally convinced Hubby (with the help of Massachusetts' tax free holiday) that a new living room chair would make me a happy wifey.  The only demand he made was that he wanted to sit in chairs first and get something comfy.  Check!  We ordered this lady in a sexy red custom fabric.

The only problem with our custom order is that we have to wait until mid-October to get it.  You know how bad good I am at waiting.

Did you spend your weekend covered in paint like I did, or did you actually do some relaxing?  I should try that some time: relax on a weekend... novel concept.