Modern Quilting

When I was in middle school, my mom made me a quilt.  Nice and sophisticated twin size with pink and purple hearts.  (I picked out the pattern when I was little in case you were questioning)  When she got around to making my sisters quilt, a few years later (when my sister was in college), she got a queen size quilt with a more grown up blue and gold starbursts.  Since then, Mom's been promising me a 'grown up' quilt if I can just pick a pattern that I like.  Since I'm not drawn to traditional quilts (shocker) it's easier said than done. Now, I'm not saying this is the one, but Holy Chic Quilt, Batman!  Those aren't words I usually associate together- chic and quilt, but this little lady earns it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on my living room TV wall, and hopefully some progress on the dining room!

Random side note:  I'm learning how to type pretty well with one hand, since a certain kitten had decided that blogging time is also cuddle time.