Weekend Clutter

Isn't it the worst when you have plans to work on refinishing a dresser that your friend is so patiently waiting for (Hi Krista, I haven't forgotten!) and end up getting distracted by organizing/purging the closets in your house?  In my defense, the closets were beyond 2 years overdue & the thrift store is getting a nice pile of donations this week.   That means that the main areas of my house are now uncluttered and I can properly focus, right? Let's go with that. In the theme of clearing clutter, here are 3 random things that occupied my brain this weekend:

1.  This runner from Dash and Albert

dash and albert rug

I ordered a 2'x3' rug to see if this could work as a runner for my stairs.  It's been a while since I talked about them here, but my plans are still the same and starting to move forward.  I debated going without a carpet, but with the way the kittens tear up the stairs and the amount of times I've almost fell down them, we need the traction.  For now, I'm eagerly awaiting my 'sample' rug's arrival!  image via Wayfair.com


2.  I'm obsessed Amanda Wachob's floral tattoos.  Seriously amazing.

amanda wachob floral

I want my next tattoo to be art, not just a pretty picture, and holy cow, is that her expertise!  According to her site, she's not taking any new appointments, so currently, having her as my artist is a delightful fantasy.  Do yourself a favor if you're a tattoo fan and go check out her AMAZING art!  image via www.amandawachob.com


3.  I missed the boat in signing up for this semester's upholstery class at the Eliot School, so now I'm trying to figure out how to learn how to reuholster this chair before my 30 Before 30 deadline (April 30th) without butchering it or it costing an arm and a leg.  Ideas?

antique red chair


And now that both my house and my mind are clutter free (HA!) I'm off to paint a living room and stalk a few flip vendors for install dates (ahem countertop and windows).  Hope your week is off to a good start!