Vintage Animal People

So I started writing a different blog last night then got sidetracked.  I got The Foundary's evening sale e-mail and had to share.

I've seen a few of LuciusArt's prints floating around Pinterest and loved them, so to see so many in one place (and on sale).... swoon.  I had to go check out his website and etsy shop just to see more.

They're not for all tastes, and in fact I'm pretty sure Hubby's going to tell me very bluntly when he reads this that he hates them, but I can't help myself!

Vintage vibes and weird animals.  They get me almost every time.

Hey Foxy Ladies!

foxy ladies

betty on tv

So dapper!

animals in suits

Speaking of dapper

draper cat

I want to put this in a little boys room.  He'd either be the coolest kid EVER, or traumatized by half-men/half-deer people.  Worth the risk?

leroys antlers

Totally creepy and yet totally intriguing.  This kind of reminds me of Chris van Allsburg's The Mystery of Harris Burdick (says the librarian's daughter)


Oh, hello deer.

deer susan

True story, don't hate.

cool cat

I kind of want to buy them all... but that would be weird, so maybe I should just get one.  I'm loving this one the most at the moment.  See, they aren't all crazy vintage animal people.


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