Chair Addict's Anonymous

I have so much good stuff to share with you this week!! Today's story starts at Marshalls.  It's a dangerous shopping vortex that can make hours pass in a blink.  I went in hoping to find a cute pair of shoes.  I left with shoes for me and Hubby, a sweater, and 2 chairs for the dining room. I wasn't really in the market for dining chairs... I have 4 currently in the dining room and 6 in the basement waiting to get refinished.  Ooops.  I blame Marshalls.  and my sister.

I think I'm a big enough person to admit...  I'm a dining chair hoarder.  I'm in the beginning stages of refinishing the mis-matched chairs in my basement, but lately I've been picturing 4 of those chairs with an upholstered chair at each end.

I guess this can be the big chandelier reveal too.  I still have to recenter the swag above the table and lower it a bit.  I think the dining room's coming along, though.  She's getting pretty!  (Please accept my profuse apologies for the rushed, terribly lit photo.  I owe you better, and trust me, it looks better in person).

There's one small problem with my 6 chair plan, though.  The dining table.  That's as big as it gets.  2 chairs don't so much fit on each side.  Much to Hubby's chagrin, I'm now on the hunt for a dirt cheap rectangle dining table on craigslist. Something lighter?  A bit less heavy, perhaps?

So, what do you think of my latest dining room changes?