Craigslist Treasure Hunting

I'm in dire need of a basement clean-out over here (when am I not?), so I've been trying really hard to put a thrift spending embargo on anything larger than a book.  That's easier to do when it's not tag sale season, but I've been seeing everyone else posting their amazing thrift finds, making it tough lately.  The struggle is real.  So instead of really torturing myself and hitting the thrift stores, let's go virtually treasure hunting together- it's been too long. If this George Nelson-style expandable coffee table really is in excellent condition as they say, it could be an awesome piece.  Not a steal at $250, but not a bad deal either.  Polish it up with some tung oil and enjoy!

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Emily Henderson could work MAGIC with this quirky portrait for $150.


Don't believe me?  This gentleman would fit right in on one of her rooms.  She always seems to make weird and almost creepy portraits look chic.  It's a gift.

Emily Henderson photos from

The runner up for find of the day that one of you should rush out to Halifax MA and purchase is this mid century credenza and hutch for $110.  In the right space, this would be AMAZING, especially for $110!  Seriously someone please buy it so I can live vicariously through you.


And the find of the day is a chrome and brass vintage chandelier for $99.  I'm trying really hard to rack my brain and see if any of my client projects, present or future, need this.  I think they might.  Or I might.  We'll see....


When I'm in the mood for a bit of Craigslist entertainment, I'll do a search for items for sale with the key word "beautiful" or "gorgeous."  If you recall from last year's Craigslist PSA, the items usually aren't....  This time, "beautiful" was the jackpot.  Don't you want a "Solid, Reliable, Beautiful Cream Color Fridge"?  (*spoiler alert- it's not beautiful*) But it's only $150!  My "beautiful" search wasn't all bad, though.  I see tons of potential in this "Beautiful Teak Grandfather Clock."  If you could get them down from their asking price of $200 it could be a really neat character piece!


Apparently I had mid century modern on the brain today.  I hope you've enjoyed treasure hunting with me!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!

Swapping Roundup

After last week's DIY thrift shopping extravaganza, #swapitlikeitshot, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite projects from the other participants. Corinna from A Designer at Home successfully channeled Anthropologie with her wood beaded pendant light.  The wood beads themselves are my favorite part!

DIY thrift shopping extravaganza #swapitlikeitshot- A Designer at Home - Beaded Pendant

Sometimes a simple spray paint transformation can make a world of a difference.  I loved the wood antelope that Alice from Thoughts from Alice received, but her gold/copper ombre treatment gave it such a wow factor!

DIY thrift shopping extravaganza #swapitlikeitshot- Thoughts from Alice - ombre antelope

I admit, I wasn't a basket fan growing up.  They seemed so cutesy country (maybe it was the blue bows all over them at the time...), but I'm a total convert as I realize their usefulness is never ending.  Melissa from Polished Habitat succeeded at giving a basic basket a modern punch.  Wouldn't this be the cutest with a fiddle leaf fig tree peeking out the top?  (and I heart her background!!)

DIY thrift shopping extravaganza #swapitlikeitshot- Polished Habitat - DIY woven basket

And there's a reason that Charlotte at Ciburbanity is the queen bee organizer of this swap- she always pulls out some awesome projects and naturally didn't disappoint this time around!  Somehow she saw a kitschy candle holder and envisioned on trend woven wall art.  Kudos!

DIY thrift shopping extravaganza #swapitlikeitshot- ciburbanity - Woven Wall Art

I love being a part of this fun event, connecting with the other bloggers and seeing how they can re-envision the weird, wacky, and sometimes extraordinarily mundane objects into something completely unexpected!

Did you pop around to all the other #swapitlikeitshot DIY posts?  What was your favorite??


Happy Swap Day!!

It may be Hump Day, but today is also something even better- it's Swap Day!! Swap it like it's hot! #SWAP4 Logo FINAL2

If you're visiting from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body, WELCOME!  Kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable.

Here's a quick recap of what it means to #swapitlikeitshot: 40 bloggers went thrift shopping with $10 in their pockets.  We all sent our treasures to another blogger for them to re-envision, revamp, and DIY.  All week, different bloggers will be sharing their projects (all the links at the bottom) and it's already a pretty epic week with the projects I've seen so far!

For my project, Tasha (Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body) sent me a head scratcher.  Not literally of course, but I was pretty stumped for several weeks.


Until finally a light bulb went off.  Pun totally intended, because I turned it into a lamp!


I started with the wood object (?), a dowel, 2 IKEA SEKOND cord kits, and 2 IKEA VACKERT candle holders.


First thing first- I used my chop saw to trim the bottom of the wood object so that it would sit level on the table.


I also used the chop saw to cut the dowel to size and stain I had on hand to make it a similar color to the base.  Once that was dry, I drilled a hole in the top of the object handle so that I could screw the dowel on.  A piece did splinter off as I was doing this, but I was able to glue it right back in place.


Next for the lamp part, I needed to cut a hole in the bottom of the candle holders.  I was really hoping I could use a hole saw and it would go swimmingly and be happy ever after, but the hole saw was not the right tool to cut through this- it got stuck the second it touched the metal.  Instead, I drilled a series of holes, then connected the dots by cutting with my metal snips.


This needed some filing after, but still was effective.


Then it was time to put it all together!  I wanted it to be rustic and casual, so I tried to tie and drape the cords onto the newly created "T" base.


The cord kits were still a bit stiff because they're straight out of the package, but I imagine they'll relax a bit with more use.    I was afraid it would just look messy in the end, but I kinda dig the outcome.  It's playful and a bit industrial.


It has a fun glow when lit too.  These candle-holder-turned-shades were definitely the right choice, I love how the light plays in the slats.





Pop on over to White House Black Shutters to see what Ann Marie made with the objects I sent her!  Thanks Charlotte (Ciburbanity) for organizing this great event yet again!! Also, check back here Friday to see the first part of Dori the fliphouse's FINAL REVEAL!

Tune in all week to see the crazy items this talented group of bloggers has been making over! Search the hashtag #swapitlikeitshot on social media to follow along with all the fun or check out our Pinterest Board.


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