Craigslist Treasure Hunting

I'm in dire need of a basement clean-out over here (when am I not?), so I've been trying really hard to put a thrift spending embargo on anything larger than a book.  That's easier to do when it's not tag sale season, but I've been seeing everyone else posting their amazing thrift finds, making it tough lately.  The struggle is real.  So instead of really torturing myself and hitting the thrift stores, let's go virtually treasure hunting together- it's been too long. If this George Nelson-style expandable coffee table really is in excellent condition as they say, it could be an awesome piece.  Not a steal at $250, but not a bad deal either.  Polish it up with some tung oil and enjoy!

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Emily Henderson could work MAGIC with this quirky portrait for $150.


Don't believe me?  This gentleman would fit right in on one of her rooms.  She always seems to make weird and almost creepy portraits look chic.  It's a gift.

Emily Henderson photos from

The runner up for find of the day that one of you should rush out to Halifax MA and purchase is this mid century credenza and hutch for $110.  In the right space, this would be AMAZING, especially for $110!  Seriously someone please buy it so I can live vicariously through you.


And the find of the day is a chrome and brass vintage chandelier for $99.  I'm trying really hard to rack my brain and see if any of my client projects, present or future, need this.  I think they might.  Or I might.  We'll see....


When I'm in the mood for a bit of Craigslist entertainment, I'll do a search for items for sale with the key word "beautiful" or "gorgeous."  If you recall from last year's Craigslist PSA, the items usually aren't....  This time, "beautiful" was the jackpot.  Don't you want a "Solid, Reliable, Beautiful Cream Color Fridge"?  (*spoiler alert- it's not beautiful*) But it's only $150!  My "beautiful" search wasn't all bad, though.  I see tons of potential in this "Beautiful Teak Grandfather Clock."  If you could get them down from their asking price of $200 it could be a really neat character piece!


Apparently I had mid century modern on the brain today.  I hope you've enjoyed treasure hunting with me!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!