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This post is brought to you by by Getty images.  I promise, however, that the opinions and content are all my own. There are few things that can make an impact like statement art can.  A growing trend these past couple years is over-sized photo art, and ya know what? I'm totally on board with this trend!


Photo: Kaitlin McHugh's gorgeous home as shared on Old Brand New

To shop the look above, I decided to get specific and look for stone formations by the ocean like the photo in the space- something a little moody.  Luckily for me, has a whole category of Seaside>Rocky Beaches.  I was pleasantly surprised with the options! by Getty Images

Photos: 1/2/3/4

My personal favorite to capture the feel of the statement art above would definitely be this one, however.  Bold and brooding with a touch of color. by Getty Images

The next room I wanted to see about emulating is this elegant living room by Steven Gambrel as featured on  Same oversized photo trend as the first room, but a very different vibe.

house beautiful oversized art

This time I'm torn between 2 great options: by Getty Images by Getty Images

Both options would be amazing in the space- the backgrounds keep the overall print pretty neutral, but the small pops of color from the beach-goers add a playful tone.  Not too serious, not too funky- just the right note.

As I poked around a bit more, I stumbled on this ridiculously fun print that I'm just itching to put in a room now.  How awesome would this dalmatian be as the focal point of a play room?  Printed on acrylic and mounted to the wall on metal stand-offs?  Hello!  The grayscale palette would keep it from looking to busy with the inevitable rainbow of childrens toys strewn about the room. by Getty Images

Thanks, for bringing you today's post and all the statement art inspiration!

What's your favorite way to use photography in your home?

Insta Update

As the 6 month mark approaches before my 30th birthday, I need to get a move on with my list!  I have been working on #9- Instagramming daily.  Ok, well, almost daily.  Check out the last "Insta Update" here. Here are some of my faves from the past month:


1. Family day trip to Gillette Castle in CT

2. Fortune cookie wisdom

3. Hubby and family friend Jack playing an improvised jazz duet

4. MCM dresser that's getting updated for a friend

5. Swallow graffiti at my town's train station

6. Neon pink deer head at a local antiques collective

7. Funny statue in Montreal

8. Cargo convertible.  I really need to learn when to drive our Jeep


Next week, I'll get back to some fun projects, I promise.  Hope you have a great weekend!!

Insta Update

As a part of my 30 before 30 goals, I've been instagraming daily for the past month and a half- or at least trying to.  I've missed 2 days, admittedly, but I've made up for it on other days.  I'm no photographer, but as a visual person, I'm absolutely loving having a photo-chronicle of my days. Here are some of my faves:

Instagram photo chronicle

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