Let's Get Catty- part 1

What crazy cat lady office would be complete without a custom diy cat perch? Custom DIY cat perch via Year of Serendipity

For many many years (ok, 5), we've put up with having a not so pretty brown cat perch hanging out in our home.  I'm pretty sure the people who mass produce affordable cat furniture are dog people who just want cat people to suffer with ugly cat accessories.  It's a valid theory.  But I kinda dig those crazy little furballs and they like sitting in the window, so it was a sacrifice that I was willing to make.

store bought cat perch via Year of Serendipity

Since I took the floor renovation as good excuse to redo my entire office, that meant it was time to do something about the perch too.  (side note: boy do I NOT miss that stained carpet, mismatched baseboard and exposed coax cable #rightdecision)

The only cost with this project was a few bucks for the shelf bracket.  I used a shelf I removed from the hall closet for the perch itself and scraps for the other supports.  After measuring the width of the window and marking my piece of wood, I also used a scientific tool for creating curves: I folded a piece of paper diagonally and cut out a curve and traced it...  Hey, it worked!

Custom DIY cat perch wood via Year of Serendipity

Once I had the shape all figured out, I brought out my delightfully modern jig saw.  Check out that avocado color!  Tres Chic!

Custom DIY cat perch cutting via Year of Serendipity

Slow and steady, I cut the curves and I smoothed them out a bit with my palm sander.

Custom DIY cat perch sanding via Year of Serendipity

My curves weren't perfect, but I decided not to stress about it- my intended audience wouldn't judge.  Actually they would, but not about a crooked curve- they're more likely to judge about why I haven't fed them yet.

Since my window sills have a bullnose edge to them, I wanted to match the edge here.  A router is one tool I don't have yet, so I always borrow Handy Dad's, but you could always skip this step and use sandpaper to ease the edges.

Custom DIY cat perch routing via Year of Serendipity

I routed both the front and back, then sanded quite a bit more.  Fast forward and the perch and a few support pieces (you'll see their purpose shortly) miraculously got 2 coats of Dune White trim paint.

Custom DIY cat perch painted via Year of Serendipity

For the install, I started by screwing the perch directly into the window sill.

Custom DIY cat perch screwed via Year of Serendipity

I was rather shocked at it's sturdiness already, so I made the executive decision to use only one shelf bracket below instead of the 2 I had originally planned.  This is also where the support pieces come in: I didn't want to cut out the window sill, so I needed a few spacers (out of scrap pieces) to make the bracket work.  I used this bracket from Home Depot.

Custom DIY cat perch via Year of Serendipity

It took them a few days to warm up to their new perch, but now, much like the old one, it's the place to be.

Custom DIY cat perch via Year of Serendipity

Aside from being much easier on the eye than the nubby brown one, this diy cat perch is also worlds sturdier than the last one.  If I could fit on it, it would hold me.  Too bad I only made it kitty sized.

Custom DIY cat perch via Year of Serendipity

I could keep talking about kitty perches for days, apparently, so I'll do exactly that- come back tomorrow for a quick post about how I made the coordinating cushion! UPDATE: check out the cushion how to here.


Get The Paint Ready

My house is officially in a state of chaos for the next few weeks.  I'm almost done with my work on the Zombie Closet and the upper cabinets are in the midst of being packed up and taken down.  I already got a call from Kraftmaid today to confirm my cabinet delivery a week from today between the hours of 7:30 and 10:30 am (squeeeeeee!!!).  Barely-functioning kitchen cabinets are almost a thing of the past!!!  I wonder what it'll be like to have a kitchen that works exactly like we need it to..... Daydreaming aside, some of you already saw on facebook/instagram that I'm up to my old furniture adoption habits again.  Cuz our house can totally fit more furniture... (read: our house can't fit any more furniture, but I'm gonna try anyway).  I went to the thrift store with Mom to donate some items, and this guy just called to me.


Isn't the wood fretwork dreamy?  It's like the Michael Bublé of china cabinets.


And since I don't already have enough unfinished projects, let's add this one to the list- this puppy's getting painted.  (note to self: get to finishing projects already!)  As you can probably tell in the pics, the wood isn't in amazing condition, so I'll have no qualms painting it.  Replacing those fake brass '80s knobs won't be a tough decision either.


Now I just need to settle on a color.  White's a bit too shabby-chic/beachy for my room so I'm thinking of either a medium gray or a light mint (or maybe even both- who's with me?)


What's your vote?