Get The Paint Ready

My house is officially in a state of chaos for the next few weeks.  I'm almost done with my work on the Zombie Closet and the upper cabinets are in the midst of being packed up and taken down.  I already got a call from Kraftmaid today to confirm my cabinet delivery a week from today between the hours of 7:30 and 10:30 am (squeeeeeee!!!).  Barely-functioning kitchen cabinets are almost a thing of the past!!!  I wonder what it'll be like to have a kitchen that works exactly like we need it to..... Daydreaming aside, some of you already saw on facebook/instagram that I'm up to my old furniture adoption habits again.  Cuz our house can totally fit more furniture... (read: our house can't fit any more furniture, but I'm gonna try anyway).  I went to the thrift store with Mom to donate some items, and this guy just called to me.


Isn't the wood fretwork dreamy?  It's like the Michael Bublé of china cabinets.


And since I don't already have enough unfinished projects, let's add this one to the list- this puppy's getting painted.  (note to self: get to finishing projects already!)  As you can probably tell in the pics, the wood isn't in amazing condition, so I'll have no qualms painting it.  Replacing those fake brass '80s knobs won't be a tough decision either.


Now I just need to settle on a color.  White's a bit too shabby-chic/beachy for my room so I'm thinking of either a medium gray or a light mint (or maybe even both- who's with me?)


What's your vote?