Summer Inspirations

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Warm weather and sunshine invigorates me. It gets me excited for new things and new experiences! Usually spring helps to yank me out of my winter hibernation mode, but with all the rain we’ve had, I feel like I’m just coming out of hibernation now. New England brings such weather highs and lows, but the highs make the lows oh so worth it.

Here are a few things that have been sparking my inspiration lately:

I really am in love with the neighborhood that I’m lucky enough to live in, but they always give me new reasons! The newest is the Tunnel of Love art installation at our train station. Around 900 hand crocheted and knitted flowers by different makers unite in a color explosion! This amazing beauty is going to be up all summer AND I get to walk under it daily from home to the office. How gorgeous is it?!?!

I’m constantly finding amazing gems from Target’s Opal House line. This rattan chair is seriously amazing and would be a cozy addition to any backyard oasis!

Cortney Bishop’s designs have been catching my eye for quite a while, so I shouldn’t be surprised that this home tour on Lonny stoped me in my tracks. Click the image for the full amazing house tour!!

Photographed by Katie Charlotte for Cortney Bishop Design

Photographed by Katie Charlotte for Cortney Bishop Design

I am so beyond excited that I have a client who loves this Hygge & West wallpaper as much as I do and is willing to use it in her bathroom!! You have seen me swooning over it on insta-stories and I grow more in love with it each time I look at it! From afar it looks flowery and flowy but up close its all weird and wonderful.

Speaking of that client, there will be exciting things to come! They’re completely rebuilding their 60s raised ranch, and the results will be EPIC!!! Even though the project won’t be completed until 2020, I’ll share a bit of the progress here as we go, so keep an eye out!!

Lastly, with the warmer weather finally, I’m craving all the greenery both inside and outside! Our dry winters are usually pretty harsh on the air plants that I have in my own house and typically 1 or 2 need replacing by spring. Air plants are pretty amazing little plants in my book, because they’re so sculptural and require very little maintenance. I can’t even seem to keep succulents alive, so keeping an air plant alive for a year or more is pretty stellar! I like to go to a local store, Seed to Stem, for my air plants, however most nurseries have them. I’ve even ordered them on Amazon before with success!!


Cheers to summer, warmth, sunshine, and outside adventures!!

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