Inspiration Direct from High Point

After years of designer FOMO of seeing (seemingly) ALL the other designers I knew posting from the semi-annual High Point Furniture Market, I decided it was time to take the trek myself. Just about 2 weeks ago, I hopped on a plane to High Point, North Carolina to peruse through THOUSANDS of furniture, decor, & lighting vendors in the hopes of coming home inspired and with even more awesome sources to use for client projects. Thankfully it didn’t disappoint! I’m brimming with new products that I’m just looking for the right project for! I spent the next few days after I returned digesting the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I took and I realized that there were elements I was being drawn to over and over and over.

Textural Elements

One thing that I couldn’t ignore was texture … not that I would want to. Texture EVERYWHERE and I was loving it! I just wanted to reach out and touch everything. Textured pillows, fiber art, raised designs in wood. I couldn’t get enough!

Natural Materials

Natural materials caught my eye more times than I can count. Every space could use a touch of warmth with a gorgeous wood grain, a rattan pendant, or wicker planter. Of course wood grain isn’t anything revolutionary, however I’ve been noticing more attention to detail, directional graining, and really making ‘natural’ the star once again. Details like this are what typically draw me to vintage items.

Bold Pattern

I’m not talking your parents’/grandparents’ floral sofas from the 70s. Pillows, art, ottomans, or if you’re feeling really bold, accent walls or chairs (which I personally wanted to shove in my carry on and bring home with me!!) can make such a modern statement when used strategically.

Brass Details

I know this isn’t a new trend and I also know there are some designers that are ready to see brass go out of fashion again, but I’m not one of them. If High Point is any indication, I don’t see it going anywhere fast. Now, I wouldn’t recommend doing brass everywhere in a space, but touches of brass can have such an impact. I often mix 2 or 3 metal finishes in a room. If you nervous about too much brass, it’s play-it-safe best friend is matte black, so you’ll never go wrong pairing those 2 together in a space.

Do you have a favorite element? I’m invigorated by my trip and I have so many ideas for clients! Thankfully, I have several rooms that I’ll be specifying furniture for shortly and hopefully can utilize some of my exciting new resources and inspiration!