Styling Crash Course


This week I've decided to give myself a styling crash course.  It's kind of embarrassing actually, but in the year and a half that we've had this house, I really haven't styled anything.  I made things look nice for my housewarming over a year ago and then have been collecting things in piles since.  *slaps self on back of hand*  bad dog designer.  That's also why I've been dragging my feet in showing you an updated home tour (soon, I promise!!) Naturally before I actually got to styling my own house, I needed to find some inspiration images online.  My name is Karen, and I'm a Pinterest addict.  Such eye-candy!

The first room in my house to get styled is the bedroom.  I've got all the big components in it- furniture, curtains, bed linens... Now, it's all about the icing on the cake, the cherry on top- the accessories!

This really was easy- all I had to do to style the bedroom was put a cat on it.  Me-ow.

Ok, well, maybe there was a bit more to bedroom details than capturing Charlie's excitement over a made bed.  I was losing daylight with my futzing styling, so unfortunately you'll have to be patient until tomorrow when I can show you some well lit styling montages.

AAAAAAND the living room is getting a very exciting addition this week (no, not a chair yet) that I can't wait to share with you.

So many pretty things are happening over here this week, I hope you stay tuned!