Spontaneous Adventuring

So..... this week is a last minute change-of plans.... but in a very good way.  By the end of this week, I'll be able to check off 2 of my 30 before 30 list. I'm not sure if I've mentioned before, Hubs is a travel agent for a river cruise company.  (Can you see where this is headed??)

We've been trying to get his promised discount on a trip for months, but when everything sells out, they don't send employees (bummer).  Well, just over a week ago, Hubby realized there was still openings on their Rhine River cruise over thanksgiving..... so with literally a weeks notice (SO unlike us!), we hopped on a plane to Europe (!!!).  Some of you may have noticed that my instagrams have veered a little away from the usual flipping mess or cat pictures.


This is my first time crossing an ocean.  Super exciting!  Although it took me a bit to get excited- I was a little nervous.  My previous passport stamps only included Costa Rica, Mexico, and Canada... By the end of this week, my list will have expanded to include The Netherlands, Germany, France, & Switzerland!  (!!!!!)


We've already visited the Netherlands, and are currently cruising down the river with amazing views of Germany.


I can already check one item off of my 30 before 30: #15- Visit another Continent.  YAY!  In a few days, I'll be able to check off #2- Visit 5 places I’ve never been.


We've been doing a lot of walking around and exploring, and shocking practically NO shopping so far!  We plan to turn that right around soon and hope to hunt down an antique store or two.  Vintage European treasures?  yes please!

Wednesday I hope to be able to show you some fun finds, so keep your fingers crossed!