Raining Umbrellas

I'm not one for official New Year's resolutions, but I do like to challenge myself to be a better self each year. Even though I did a lot of DIY projects in 2011, I did very few original creations.  You know my deep obsession affinity for Pinterest, but with so many ideas at your fingertips is easier to reinterpret someone else's ideas instead of developing your own.

I think I've mentioned it before, but I have a personal philosophy: you can't complain about something if you're not taking steps to change it (or at least change the way you think about it).   My example always is- I don't want to hear you complain about the size of your butt if you're too lazy to get on an elliptical.  Get your rear on that elliptical, then I'll let you vent about the junk in your trunk.  Catch my drift?

So, how does this apply to my creativity rant above?  Lately I've been feeling inspired but unoriginal.  Over the weekend I was telling Hubby my plans to be more creative in the coming months, even though I had no real plan.  Well, a plan fell into my lap on Monday.  Vicki over at Simply Hue announced the winter session of her creativity e-course Raining Umbrellas and you can bet your britches that I signed up!

I'm super excited!  I'm not totally sure what to expect, but I'm hoping to be challenged and inspired and PUSHED out of my comfort zone (and who doesn't need a good shove every once in a while).  No matter what, it'll be a good time!

She still has openings, so you should join me and we can fumble through the unknown together!