That's a lot of letters, so you know it's got to be serious.  DIY ADD is a severe condition brought on by having a diy list a mile long, limited free time, and a pinterest addiction.

I had SOOO many plans for this past weekend, but it's very hard to have a productive weekend when you catch your hubby's flu.  Boooooo.  I've been trying to play catch-up the past few days.  I think I've finally caught up: the Christmas decorations are down, B's bridal shower invites are finally in the mail, laundry is done (for now)... all things that were planned for the weekend.   So, now back to my list- the catalyst for my DIY ADD condition.

As I mentioned in my New Years post, I've got a lot in my pipeline.

First up is B's bridal shower next month.  On top of some baking, other food prep, & games, the designer in me is going ca-ray-zay.


I'm going pretty literal on this one.  B is a vintage-lover like me, and for less than $1.50 per person, I thought this was perfect.  I got 7.2 lbs of old fashioned hard candy in the mail today.  I still have to get the wrappers, ribbon and make cute little labels.


Not sure what I'll end up doing- I have some good ideas.  I'm not going to be copying any specific centerpiece, but creating an eclectic mix.  It'll be pretty.


With the shower in the clubhouse at her future in-laws condo, what better way to direct the guests?  One of the other bridesmaid's is in the process of building a house, so scrap wood is plentiful, making this project cost a whopping $0.

The shower's a month away, but I don't want to be scrambling at the last minute, so these will be ongoing projects.

In unrelated DIYing, I also have an order on it's way from Sundial Cloth Covered Wire that I'm uber excited about.

Exciting things are happening!

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