Pin and Tell: Plum and Chartreuse

Welcome to my “Pin and Tell” weekly series. If you missed my previous "Pin and Tell" posts, check them out here. ___________________________________________________

This week’s Pin

purple and green


First of all, I'm a sucker for this color combo, I even used it for my wedding tables (although my green was less chartreuse-y).

I find this space to be very simple and sophisticated.  The lines are very simple, but there is interest in each piece.  The settee pops with its color and fantastic aged leather.  The pillows accent it perfectly.

Take note of the section of wallpaper behind.  That's an easy way to add architectural interest in a room.  Frame out a section with moulding that you can by at your friendly local hardware store, and simply wallpaper or paint inside.  You could even take it one step further and make it a fabric-wrapped panel framed out.

I could live without the pom-poms on the lampshade, but because everything else is so amazing, I'll forgive it.


So far these have all been living room/seating areas- I guess that's what's on my mind lately.  Next week I'll switch it up with a different subject matter, I promise.