Pin and Tell: Conflicted Feminine

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This week’s Pin


As the title hints, I'm conflicted about this room.  There are elements that I absolutely adore which is why I'm showing it today, but there are also elements that leave me scratching my head.

Adore: the couch.  I'm kind of in love with it.  It looks cozy and chic, plus I'm a sucker for tufting.  I wish I could curl up into a ball in the corner of that couch and never leave.  At the very least, I want to pet it.  Its pretty and looks soft, so I want to touch it.  (I know that probably sounds a tad nuts...)  The coffee table is the perfect compliment- elegant, but current.

I'm on the fence about the amount of art, but leaning toward love on that.  I think if they just took away one or two pieces I'd be totally convinced.

The head-scratchers: wtf curtains, you ruin the room.  I like the graphic impact of the curtains... in a different room.  In this space, it seems a little schizophrenic.  The sofa, coffee table, and art have an effortless collected look to them.  The curtains look like they're trying too hard.  Same thing with the 'chandelier'.  It just seems flat in a space with decadent textures (pardon the pun, but its true).  Take away the curtains and the chandelier and I'll give it thumbs up.

Bottom line?  Can I take that sofa home with me?  Maybe in another color, but **swoon**.