Better than Mike Wolfe

Remember when I found this lamp at a tag sale for a whole $3?

Well, about a month ago, I was watching American Pickers and Mike Wolfe picked the same light!!  AAANNNDDD  he paid FOUR TIMES what I did at a whopping $12.  I totally get lucky every once in a while rock!

Take that Mike Wolfe! (And that is said with much adoration and respect of course, since I love American Pickers so much)

Before the weather turned totally rotten, my lamp got a much-needed coat of spray paint.  It's been hanging around for the past few months, patiently waiting to be rewired.  I decided when I got it, that my sexy deco desk light needed to stay true to itself.  That meant I had to hunt down a good source for cloth-covered wire.  I did a quick Google search and found Sundial Wire.  Jackpot!  Not only are they a local Massachusetts company, but their prices are fantastic!  It made me kind of giddy.

After New Years, I ordered 10 feet (extra just in case) of snazzy(that's right, I said snazzy) red cotton twisted wire

and a vintage style plug

Having never rewired anything before, I armed myself with tips from Handy Dad and watched this youtube clip: [youtube] It may have taken me a full hour to accomplish what she does in about 4 minutes, but I have a feeling that wasn't her first tango.

Check out what my deco desk lamp looks like today!

And look- it works!!