Patio Mission

I'll admit, I'm kind of at a loss about what to write today.  I have several project in progress, but no finished results to show yet.  The yard is being cleaned out and mulched, the porch will be getting paint in the very near future, chalkboard spray paint is being sprayed, and I've been spending a lot of time on Craiglist. I always pop onto Craigslist to look for cheap treasures, but currently, I'm on a mission.

Craigslist Mission- Find a bench for the pack patio.

Our back yard is all patio and gardens.  We have a table and chairs and a grill (which escaped the instagram shot below- its just outside the frame on the right).  We had old wicker chairs there previously, but they disintegrated this year after spending the winter outside.


Lately I've been thinking that with the English garden feel of the space, a nice bench in front of the giant hydrangea would look amazing.  So I've been scouring Craigslist and not quite finding what I want.

I love this one, but Hubby doesn't.  It also might be a bit too much.


I keep toying with the idea of buying a bench like this


or this


and painting it to protect it from the elements, but I just can't bring myself to put such a gorgeous piece of furniture outside.  Plus everything seems to be about an hour away.

What I really want is a teak(ish) bench made for outside that has some design interest too it.  How dare Craigslist not have exactly what I want when I want it! #firstwordproblems

It's been less than a week hunting on Craigslist, but I'm about to ragequit and drop just a little bit more money to get something new at HomeGoods.  I'm going to try and hold off on my impatience and give Craigslist another chance.

Have you had any Craigslist luck lately?