Padding the Issues

I have a very deep and important topic to discuss with you today.  Rug pads.  Wait, don't go!!!  I'll try and make it exciting! When Rug Pad USA reached out and offered for me to try their product, saying I was skeptical was a bit of an understatement.  Rug pads rank on my priority list right below fixing my dripping faucet and right above cleaning under the bed.  For example, we have an area rug on our carpet in the bedroom.  Our bed's legs cause the quality IKEA rug to pucker something fierce.  A nicer rug with a proper rug pad would probably have no issue in this situation.  My solution: stick a stiff carpet sample under the bed legs for support.  It has sat like that for over 3 years.  Just call me MacGyver.

My biggest rug pad situation (yes that's a thing) was in the kitchen.

Year of Serendipity two-tone kitchen with flat weave runner

Flat weave runners are delightful on the eyes, but have little to no 'stay put' power on their own.  Also being in the kitchen, Hubby requested, back when we got the rug, something cushy that would be good for standing.  Again, MacGyver had a solution!  I folded up a regular rug pad for more cush... and then when it kept going askew, I splurged for "As seen on TV" Ruggies.  This solution was acceptable... the Ruggies kept the 4 corners in place and the folded pad was pleasing to your feet, but the pad kept bunching and although the 4 corners stayed in place, the center of the rug liked to go it's own way.


So when Rug Pad USA asked if I'd like to try a rug pad, my thoughts immediately went to that wonkiness.  I'm willing to give almost anything a try and really, it couldn't be any worse than my makeshift solution.

When I took the Premium-Lock rug pad out of the packaging I was intrigued- gripping rubber on one side and coarse felt on the other.  Seemed promising.

Rug pad USA premium lock rug pad

The second I put it down and placed the rug on it, my rug pad skepticism flew out the window.  The rubber held the pad onto the hard wood floors and the texture of the felt kept the rug in place.  I even gave it the twist test.  Are you familiar with this test?  Stand on a rug and... do the Twist!  It didn't budge.  You win rug pad.

I dig the rug pad so much I'm most likely going be getting another for the flat weave rug at my front door.  I won't lie though, it's tough convincing myself to spend more than a few dollars on something I'll never see, but I don't think my feet can ever go back to my previous go-to of "the cheapest rug pad I can find".  Cheapskate Frugal skeptic MacGyver here even sees the value.

Flat weave rug staying put with big girl rug pad from Rug Pad USA

The design nerd in me also really appreciates that they're made in the USA, have no VOCs and several (like the one I received) are LEED certified.

If you don't believe me, test it out yourself.  Use the code pr15off to get %15 off a Rug Pad USA rug pad of your very own and let me know your thoughts!

***Rug Pad USA did send me a sample to review, but all words and opinions are 100% me (for better or worse).  They actually encouraged my full honesty in the interest of market research.  Now there's someone who stands by their product!***