On to Number 7

Every time I sit down to write one of these posts, "Oops I Did it Again" pops into my head.  Guess what??? We're buying another flip!  So for all of you who have been asking about the next and telling me how much you miss my flip Fridays, you've been heard- I'm buying a flip just for you!  I kid.  In reality, we've put in about a dozen rejected offers before we eventually got one accepted- and that's the way it is for most flips.  I keep my realtor/hubby busy like that.  This one is already fast moving- we saw it for the first time last weekend and we're hoping to close in the next 2 weeks or less.  


Let me tell you, the house itself is just OK to start with, but it screams LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION from the top of it's housey lungs.  Built in 1920, it has zero character, but that also means that it's a blank slate.  This '20s ranch-like bungalow boasts a different floorplan than the mid-century ranches I've done (like Dori, Grover, Frankie, & Clark which ALL had a version of the same basic floor plan... which is very similar to the ranch I grew up in....), which allows for some different possibilities and I plan on taking advantage of every single possibility I can squeeze into the budget!  From the front, it looks like the tiniest house ever, but BABY GOT BACK!


Complete with a wood on wood on wood kitchen:

And a basement bowling alley.... I mean 'finished' space:


I already have big plans for this house including a portico at the front door, taking down a wall, shifting a few others to reclaim some space, a couple new windows, an added powder room, and LOTS AND LOTS of drywall.


Just like the last house when we were about to buy, I'm not settled on a name yet, so I'm hoping you'll help!

There are 3 ideas floating around:

  • "Lake" after Lakeview Rd
  • Nessie- as in lock ness, since it's near a lake
  • Dudley because that's the nearby lake
  • OR something else entirely.  What do you think??

I know it's not an antique, character-filled home like I would prefer to rehab 100% of the time, but I think this house has tons of potential and needs a facelift!  Instead of rehabbing original character, I'll have to get creative and put character into this home.  Should be a fun project!