Frankie: Week 16/Reveal pt 1!!

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out other posts about Frankie the Fliphouse HERE. Woo Hoo, the end is near!!!!  Frankie the Fliphouse will be 100% done in the next few days and LISTED on Monday!!

I was hoping to be able to show you the full reveal today, but the basement is still a thorn in my side.  A thorn that's very close to being done, but still isn't photoshoot ready.  Never fear, I'll give you part 2 of the reveal Monday with the basement's before and after (spoiler alert: I painted a lot!).

WARNING: long, picture filled post ahead.  Get your pin-finger ready!

I won't drag it out any further.... I present to you, the new and improved....  Frankie!!!

 Frankie exterior after

Admittedly, the exterior is not a HUGE transformation.  I basically cleaned it up and added a color pop on the door.  Remember what he looked like on day 1?


A little fresher today, I think.

Frankie exterior closeup

The real transformation, however, is when you step inside.  Just inside the front door, you come upon the living room.  The once gross green living room.


It's amazing what a bit of paint can do.

Frankie living room after 1

Frankie living room after 2

The most exciting transformation is what is just beyond the living room.

Frankie living room after 3

Once upon a time, the kitchen was grimey and practically non-functional.



This may be the first time I'll ever say this, but I think my before pics are too nice.  They don't truely convey the ick that was there before.  The photo from the listing does it a little more justice:


And now that you can really compare, it makes the end result all the better.

Frankie Flip House Kitchen After 1

Frankie Flip House Kitchen After 2

Frankie Flip House Kitchen After 5


Frankie Flip House Kitchen After 4

I raided my own house and Target's home section for some fun staging accessories.

Frankie Flip House Kitchen After 3

As we proceed down the hall, we find the first bedroom.  Thankfully it now looks larger an brighter than when we began.


Frankie bedroom 1 after

Across the hall is the other selling feature of this house... the bathroom.  What began as a dingy bathroom with a pink tub...


pink-tub now a fresh space worthy of a new family's affection.

Frankie Flip House Bathroom After 1

Frankie Flip House Bathroom After 2

Personally, I'm jealous of the double sink.

Frankie Flip House Bathroom After 3

Between the kitchen and the bath, I'm hoping this house'll sell in no time!

Frankie Flip House Bathroom After 4

We can't forget, though, there are 2 more bedrooms.  They also didn't transform immensely, but boy, what a difference paint makes!


Frankie bedroom 2 after 1

Frankie bedroom 2 after 2

And last but not least:


Frankie bedroom 3 after 1

Frankie bedroom 3 after 2

And since I can't just leave you in the nice, bright, albeit not too exciting bedroom, I'll throw in a kitchen detail picture for fun.

Frankie Flip House Kitchen Detail

So, what do you think of Frankie's transformation??

Keep your fingers crossed that someone falls in love with him quickly!

Update:  Check out Part 2 of the reveal, the basement HERE