Nessie the Flip House: Week 4

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I navigate through the business of flipping houses one house at a time!!  Check in each Friday to see weekly update of how this house progresses!  To catch up on the progress on Nessie, check out her previous posts here.  If you’re new here (Hello!!!),  or just enjoy walking down memory lane, you can see my 6 previous flip houses here.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!!  

My apologies for the late post- I've been sick for the past several days.  Stomach flu is sooo fun to begin with, but it's especially fun when your baby chooses that same time to decide to wake up every hour at night.  It's hard to be mad when he greets you with a smile each time though.  Anyway, now back to your regularly scheduled programing.


Remember week 3 when I hoped that I would have lots of fun things to show you this week?  Apparently I lied.  We got structural notes from an architect friend so that we could submit them officially to the town, now the town has all the permit application forms, floor plans, etc, and a big fat check.... and now we wait.  The downfall of a small town is that people generally wear several hats- in this case, they don't currently have a dedicated building inspector to deal with the permits, so the building commissioner has to do it all.  And for me, that means we may have to wait a week or 2 for the building permit to do any of the fun work.  Until then, I'm giving the landscaping the green light and hopefully we can start improving the curb appeal!!  I'm super disappointed that this is the second week in a row that I really am at a loss for anything fun to update you on.  I haven't even ordered the kitchen yet!  I know what I want, I just need to figure out where I can get it within my budget!!



Here's a sneak peek, although not the final layout:



Thanks to a neighbor (Hi Cheryl!) I learned that Nessie's neighborhood has quite the interesting history.  The neighborhood right by the pond boomed in the first couple decades of the 1900s as a vacation destination for those from Boston and the surrounding towns.  Prohibition and the Great Depression was rough and the neighborhood supposedly became overtook by bootlegging gangsters with properties getting exceedingly rundown.  Luckily, the 50s and early 60s brought a new life into the neighborhood and the area was cleaned up and renovated.  A lot of the original properties were beyond help at this point and destroyed, so the fact that Nessie was built in 1920 and renovated (on my estimation) in the early 60s, this is one of the lucky houses that was fit to stay standing.

And on that note, I'm off to call the town and see how its looking for a permit this week.  Wish me luck!!