Nessie the Flip House: Week 14

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I navigate through the business of flipping houses one house at a time!!  Check in each Friday to see weekly update of how this house progresses!  To catch up on the progress on Nessie, check out her previous posts here.  If you’re new here (Hello!!!),  or just enjoy walking down memory lane, you can see my 6 previous flip houses here.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!!  

It's taken 14 weeks, but this house has finally turned a corner!  We have insulation, we have repaired exterior trim pieces, we have a new wood floor in the kitchen and the previously wood-less bedroom, we have a new window, and we have sign-off from the town on all the rough inspections, so we ALSO have the beginning of drywall!!  This is the week I've been waiting for and things are finally starting to look like something!  I haven't been on top of the schedule as much as I normally am, but somehow yesterday ended up being a day when all of my contractors were buzzing around.  Handy Dad commented "it looks like someone kicked an anthill."  I'll take it!  It means that I'll be able to see this house get sold at some point!!


And since you've been patiently waiting for pictures, here you go!



Aren't fresh wood floors just a beautiful sight?



Check out the bowling alley!



And if you just look at the pic above, it looks like it's almost done, but it still has a long (pun intended) way to go.



The front of the house is getting a bit of love finally too.  A new picture window went in the living room side, and the window that was removed (which matches the other windows in the house) will be getting installed on the right side of the house in the master bedroom.  In addition to the window, the rotten wood gutters were removed and facia boards were repaired.


Hopefully all the exterior work will be done early next week and we can get to painting!!!!  This house needs some exterior love and if I can't give it a porch or portico, the least I can do is paint.  I think I've settled on some colors too: Ben Moore Cloudy sky for the body of the house and going bold but not too bold with a Dorset Gold door.


I still have so much planned for this house that I can't wait for you to see!!  I have a few personal projects up my sleeve, but I've been waiting for this house to be... well a house again... before I can get my own hands dirty.


Have a stellar weekend!