Nessie the Flip House: Week 13

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I navigate through the business of flipping houses one house at a time!!  Check in each Friday to see weekly update of how this house progresses!  To catch up on the progress on Nessie, check out her previous posts here.  If you’re new here (Hello!!!),  or just enjoy walking down memory lane, you can see my 6 previous flip houses here.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!!  

My apologies for this day late post.  I was fighting off baby germs and the fact that yesterday was Friday completely escaped me.  This is the last week that my post will be picture-light because starting next week we get floors, drywall, a window..... such exciting things!!!  Back to this week, though.  I swear it was a pretty busy week- plumbing, wiring, framing, preliminary insulation... but the major accomplishment was:


That's permit sign-off on rough plumbing, electrical, and framing by the town inspectors!  The only last signature we need before we can close the walls up is insulation and that should be coming Tuesday.  It's been a long road to this point.  Or at least longer than I had originally anticipated.


Once drywall goes up, I'll most likely put up my signature to-do check lists in each room, but my electrician has is own lists in a few places.



Wood floor for the kitchen, hallway, and back bedroom got delivered.  I can't wait to see it installed!!!



And with a wet week, we're actually getting some grass!  I won't lie, I do find it pretty cool that in the right conditions it can go from seed to 2 inches of grass in less than 24 hours.



I'm excited to see the transformation in the coming week!  This house has been gutted for way too long!


Have an awesome weekend!