My Bold Hues

I'm so excited for this first ever round-up of my #MyBoldHues favorites!  Several weeks ago, I snuck the announcement into my weekly flip update about our new hashtag!  #MyBoldHues on instagram is a way to show off and celebrate your lives filled with color. For almost a month now, some amazing people have been tagging #MyBoldHues, whether it be spaces, projects or moments that are full of color!  As promised, the last Wednesday of each month (that's today!!!!), myself and the other co-hosts will be sharing our favorite instagrams on our blogs.  I'm overwhelmed by the stellar colorful things you guys have posted on instagram!!


It was so tough to pick my favorites to feature!

****As per usual, please practice responsible pinning.  The below images are NOT my own and shouldn't be pinned from my page.  Please click through to the original source to pin inspiration****


@coppercorners had several swoonworthy #myboldhues posts!  As a painter, I imagine she's always surrounded by color.  This image in particular I absolutely loved the bold mix of floral patterns and textures.  (designers note: the multiple florals work because the scales are so varied!)


Sometimes it's not about having an explosion of color, but just very well placed touches, just ask @laurenjohnsondesign.  The way the painting and the chairs play so well together is so close to perfection!


One of #myBoldHues cohosts, @cate_stylemutthome had me swooning over this little vignette.  Aside from that credenza giving me all the heart eyes, I love how the hanging kilim pieces and plant pot bring in even more fun without going over the top.


I've accepted that Hubby will never come around to my side on this one, but give me an amazing floral and I'm a happy gal.  @house_of_unicorns used this floral wallpaper so perfectly.  While there are other feminine touches in the space, the classic lines of the mid-century inspired sofa and coffee table give the room an amazing balance.


And because for some strange reason, I have nursery's on the brain...

Even in an overall white space, @themakerista added a swoonworthy stripe treatment behind a beautiful but understated crib.  I don't know about you, but I'm very rarely a fan of "cutesy" spaces for babies, so an amazingly stylish space that just happens to be for a baby makes me want to do a happy dance.


Continuing with my urge to dance, @ariellesgoldman is working on her own nursery and just finished painting this feature for behind the crib.  I can't WAIT to see the rest of the room come together!!  These last 2 images are really getting me revved up to clear my office and start pulling together my little guy's space!



What were your favorite #myboldhues posts this month?  There were so many awesome spaces shared this month I had to follow trend, but I'm hoping in future months we can see more variety too!  Don't forget to tag your items, vignettes, DIYs, and general life moments in addition to your amazing spaces!


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