Monday Ramblings

Another 30 before 30 check- Weekend ski trip with Hubby!  And I have the sore legs to prove it. I am not a skiier.  Hubby is.  I had only been skiing 3 times ever, the last being over 8 years ago, and never had a lesson...I was shaky to say the least.  After starting the weekend with a beginner class and pretty confident that I'd stick to the bottom half of the mountain all weekend, somehow I found myself at the peak on day 2 after much encouragement from friends.  Holy cow was the view amazing!


I only had one minor panic of "crap this is high and that hill is steep" on the way down.  I would've even gone up again if we had had more time.  I doubt I'll suddenly become a skiier, but I told Hubby I'd be happy to make it a yearly thing.

And now that I'm back to reality, it's apparently St. Patty's Day today! Which is fitting because with spring so close I can taste it, I just want to prance around in a pretty green dress.  Of course currently my legs don't have enough mobility for prancing, and I don't own a green dress, but if I could and did, I WOULD!  Take a moment to see the image in my head- me in a pretty green flowy dress, prancing around my latest flip/construction site.  I'll start a new trend of Glam Demolition!  Every dress should be accessorized with a sledge hammer.

Speaking of the latest flip, I'm digging my hands in today!  I'll be taking proper before pics and sharing them this Friday.  First thing to be demo-ed: these 2 fake hardwood laminate floors adjacent to real hardwood floors.  I'm pretty sure that some of this laminate is even covering original hardwood floors.  Blasphemy!


I can already tell you the afters in a few months will be stunning!!!

Have a great week!