Meanwhile at Brimfield

....I bought a chair.  Anyone surprised?  Although you may have caught a glimpse on instagram, lets first explore things I didn't purchase amongst the junky vintage amazingness that is Brimfield, MA. Brimfield antiques, Spring 2014

It was a rainy, rotten day on Friday, so there were a good lot of vendors that weren't even open and we probably missed a ton, but it was still a blast!  It is so easy to go into awesomeness overload (or junk overload, you pick)...

Brimfield mcm cabinet, Spring 2014

The pinkish cabinet with glass doors on top was only $30!  I tried to rack my brain for a place for it, but realized, sadly, that I could not give it a home- I hope someone did!

At the end of the day, I had spent only $28, but it was $28 very well spend if you ask me!

$25 went to this amazing mid-century chair.   I'm not just a member of Chair Hoarders Anonymous, I'm the founder and president.

Brimfield MCM Chair Before 1

I don't think a chair has ever needed to be reupholstered more- the vinyl has been scratched right through to the wood below.

Brimfield MCM Chair Before 2

It also kinda stinks (just musty.... it was out in the rain after all), but I don't care, I love it!  I had actually walked away from it, but it kept nagging at me, so I went back and haggled him down $10. #alwayshaggle

Brimfield MCM Chair Before 3

It's very sturdy, heavy, and well built.  It's only issue really, is the upholstery, which I think I can do something about.  I hope my reupholstery skills are up to the task!  This style of chair will require much more sewing and precision than the last, but I'm up for the challenge!  I'm thinking a sexy but studious gray tweed might be in order, don't you agree?

I love hate to keep you in suspense, but I'm not going to show you today what I spend the remaining $3 of my $28 purchases on.  It's in the process of getting a mini-makeover, so pop back Wednesday to see my $3 find all spruced up and styled!

I'm already looking forward to the Brimfield antique show's next go around in July!  Did you get a chance to go this time?  If so, I'd love to see your treasures!