Grover: Week 9

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out  more about this flip, Grover, or check out posts about our last flip HERE. Remember last week, when I said that this week was sure to be a huge week for progress?  .....I was mistaken.  I know once one big thing gets the ball rolling, several big things will happen at once, but this week was not that week.

This post will now be my attempt at making a mundane week a little more cheeky for your entertainment.

I went a tad type-A on my bathroom tile job this week.  And by type-A I mean crouching and scraping thinset out of approximately half of the grout lines because I used the wrong sized trowel and made a huge mess.  You think I'd know better by now, but nope.


And as you can see, I also pried up several individual tiles because they weren't sitting flush.  They will soon be reset all flat and pretty-like.  So yeah... type-A.  If I'm going to be crazy bold and put blue tile in here, it better be as good as I can possibly make it!

This week was also spent sans contractors or electricians, etc, so I spent quite a bit of time trying to entertain myself and keep up the energy and motivation.  The bright side of being alone in an unfurnished house?


Good acoustics and no one to judge as I belt out showtunes at the top of my lungs.  #sorryneighbors!  While I practiced my best one woman version of Gypsy, I was thankfully able to finally finish painting every last bit of trim and every last door on this side of the house.

The bathroom closet took embarrassingly long to paint.


It was like yoga painting- lots of twisting and maneuvering to get several coats into all the corners.  It will, however remain doorless until I find a suitable replacement for it's previous dingy louvered door.


Flashing forward to next week, I know I have some ceiling patching in my future.  The kitchen/dining room ceiling isn't as bad as it was in the last house- really only 2 large spots of cracking paint, so hopefully I'll be able to fix it much faster than it took me at Frankie.  I actually have a new method to try that Handy Dad suggested after my last ceiling trials.  I'll let you know if it works!


I know you're already overwhelmed by the excitement of my week, but by far, the most exciting thing happened yesterday- new hard wood was delivered!!


It will soon replace the 2 slimy layers of linoleum in the kitchen and the house will immediately smell about 5 thousand times better.  Getting this floor installed and the rest of the hard wood refinished is sure to illicit a happy dance.  You've been warned.

Today I'm taking the day off to go play at Brimfield.  Check me out on instagram for updates of the days adventures and fab finds!