Meanwhile at Copper Dot

In the midst of dealing with this crazy winter and my flipping frenzy, I've also been keeping myself busy(er) with my design business, Copper Dot Interiors.  I did a dining room install over the weekend and snapped a few quick shots as I was on my way out that I'm eager to share. My clients hadn't really touched the dining room at all since moving in a little over a year ago and the previous owners clearly hadn't done much since it was built in the 90s.  Don't you just love builder-grade brass chandeliers??


My clients weren't sure what their style was, but they knew it wasn't this.  Turns out they were looking for a quirky yet sophisticated room with some color that could be used by the whole family (including small children).

There are still a few small tweaks to be made and I'll be getting better pictures when I'm there next, but what a contrast!


The trim color stayed the same off white since it runs throughout the entire home, but aside from that I was given a blank slate to play with.



In just switching out the maroon walls for Benjamin Moore's St. John's Bay, the room feels instantly about 5 thousand times brighter.  It's amazing what a swift injection of color can do to a space!