Marbled Art

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I wasn't intending to replicate East Coast Creative's Marbled Paper Art, but it worked out too perfectly NOT to.

Above the piano has been crying for a large piece of art since day 1.  I found a large frame at the thrift shore, got a large canvas to fill it, and scoured pinterest for ideas.  I'm no painter, so I really wasn't sure how to tackle it.  Until last week when I was at Paper-Souce for another project and the colors in this hand-marbled paper caught my eye.  For $8, I figured I could use it to fill a few smaller frames around the house that have sat empty.  Surely I'm not the only one who has empty frames hanging out in their decor (I hope).

marble art

The piece of paper happened to be the EXACT size needed for the canvas and the colors were perfect for the dining room, so who am I to argue with fate.  I attached the paper to canvas using gesso, let it dry, and popped it into the frame.

When I got the frame, it did have glass, however I have a bad habit of breaking the glass in larger frames.  I'm dainty like that.  This made the canvas necessary for structure, but it also gave the paper an added textural element.  Let's call it a happy accident.

piano art

The finished product is so much more refined than any DIY paint creations I could've come up with.  Even the resident musician is pleased with the new addition.

hubby piano

The piano's just calling out to be painted, don't you think?  Hubby's on board if I go with a neutral color.  Wouldn't Madam Piano be sexy in gray?